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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mainstream Led Drivers(Part 2)

Apr. 07, 2020


Third, the heat-insulated replaceable driver

Compared with the previous two schemes, this driver has the advantage that the user can repair the failed lamp tube without the need to replace it entirely. In fact, when the driver fails, it can be easily replaced—sometimes, for some products, it is not even necessary to perform a secant operation instead of the entire lamp including the LED. The disadvantages are the same as the first two scenarios.

Fourth, the ballast-compatible driver

So far, the most commonly mentioned disadvantage of LED lamps is the need to bypass the original ballast. Ballast-compatible drivers, also known as "plug and play" drivers, solve this problem. This kind of lamp just fits into the "steel" type connector of the fluorescent lamp, and no electrician is required to install it.

However, again, disadvantages remain. If the original fluorescent lamp ballast is broken, the user has to buy a new one, which generally requires an electrician to install it. The wattage of the lamp tube is usually higher than other types of LED lamps due to the load carried by the ballast.

ETL LED driver

 ETL LED driver

V. Insulation and the driver directly powers the pins

Advantages include the best cooling advantages of custom LED driver China, the driver is not limited by space, and manufacturers can add dimming and other control-only functions in a variety of ways. If the driver is broken, it can be replaced; the user does not need to discard the entire tube containing the LED device.

The disadvantage is that the ballast needs to be replaced with an LED driver by an electrician. In addition, the external lamps of the driver are usually more expensive than the built-in lamps. If the lamp socket connector is damaged, it needs to be replaced, just like the built-in lamp tubes of various drivers.

Six, heat insulation and the driver directly supplies power to the lamp

Again, the benefits are the best heat dissipation benefits, as well as possible dimming and other controllable functions. The driver can still be replaced without the user having to discard the entire tube containing the LED device.

Since the power supply is directly connected to the lamp tube without going through the lamp socket connector twenty, the installation position of the lamp tube in the lamp is very flexible when disassembling and disassembling work. In addition, if the connector is damaged, it does not need to be replaced. In order to obtain subsidies, some utilities also like this method of connecting the driver to the LED lamp or module, and are unwilling to use the built-in driver of the ballast that requires the voltage to be introduced into the existing lamp socket connector. tube.

Its disadvantage is mainly reflected in the cost, the ballast needs to be replaced by an ETL LED driver by an electrician. Usually, the installer needs to assemble some kind of bracket in the luminaire to fix the tube. At the same time, this kind of product is generally more expensive than the lamp tube built into the driver.

With the improvement of all these technologies and the decline of prices, 2020 has become the flashpoint of LED lights. However, the use of LED lights in the US market is not as good as in Europe and Asia, partly due to the confusion of driver solutions.