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Five Points About the Development of Led Drive Power

Jun. 03, 2020


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1. Abandon high-power and super-high power, and develop medium and small power supplies with higher stability, between 30W-40W, and do not exceed 50W.

Because the greater the power, the greater the heat, and the more compact the components inside, which is not conducive to heat dissipation, and the temperature is the culprit of the power supply failure. Furthermore, the development of low-power power supply is relatively mature, with advantages in stability and cost. In fact, many power supply companies know that the larger the power, the harder it is to do, and they are reluctant to make high power. However, due to the pressure of application manufacturers, passive development of high-power power supplies, many solutions have not been verified by time and practice, are rushed The projects are all experimental products, so failures are endless. In contrast, due to the early development of small and medium-sized power supplies, the technical solutions are much more mature.

Furthermore, high-power and ultra-high-power power supplies are not flexible due to their large size, and small and medium-sized power supplies are more flexible due to their small size.

2. Abandon more than 4 outputs, develop single or two outputs, abandon high current and super large current, and develop small current.

The more output channels, the harder it is to make, and the higher the failure rate. So far, no power supply manufacturer can stand up and say: "Under the premise of today's stringent cost requirements, there is no problem with more than 4 drive guarantees." The more output channels, the greater the total output current, and the current is the main reason for heating. There is a voltage that can not heat, but there is a current that must be heated, and a simple calculation can be considered that the heating power is proportional to the square of the current That is to say, if the current is doubled, the heating power will be increased by 4 times, the current will be increased by 3 times, and the heating power will be increased by 9 times. So I suggest that the current should be controlled below 1A.

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3. Intelligent control should be one of the advantages of led lamps, and intelligent control is the intelligent control of power supply.

Intelligent control is particularly important in street lighting and tunnel lighting applications. In terms of street lighting, intelligent control can achieve stepless control of lamp power at different time periods and according to road traffic density, which not only meets application requirements, but also achieves energy saving effects. The application in tunnel lighting is more important. It can automatically adjust the brightness of tunnel entrances and exits according to the brightness conditions outside the tunnel to provide drivers with a safe driving environment.

4. Heat dissipation and protection are the main external factors of power failure.

Not only does the power supply itself generate heat, but the lamp also generates heat. How to reasonably radiate these two heat sources is a problem that the lamp design engineer must consider. It is necessary to prevent excessive concentration of heat to form a heat island effect and affect the life of the power supply. In addition, the protection problem is also very important. The penetration of moisture may cause a short circuit of the power supply. The dust on the casing will affect the heat dissipation of the power supply. Exposure will easily cause high temperature and the aging of wires and other components. The problem.

5. Feasibility of maintenance.

Although we have done enough in the previous four steps, the problem of power supply failure is still impossible to avoid completely. This is the reason why we propose the feasibility of maintenance. Lamp design engineers should consider the maintenance of the power supply. Only when the replacement of the power supply is as simple as the replacement of the light source of conventional lighting, can the maintenance task be transferred to the street light unit.

To this. We should work hard on the maintenance of lamps and lanterns. Designers should consider themselves as maintenance workers. The simpler the better. In the actual use process, the failure rate of the rotary wiring plug is high, and most of them are caused by water leakage. Everyone has realized that the rational design method of modularization should find a way to integrate the power supply of the module, because the overall power of the modularization is small. If the power supply can be solved by plugging and unplugging, let the street lamp unit library LED exhibition be saved It is the power supply that benefits both the enterprise and the owner.