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Led Lighting Technology-Led Lighting Power Supply

Jun. 02, 2020


Master LED lighting technology is the basic knowledge requirements of the LED industry,30w LED driver supplier introduced several LED lighting technology.

LED lighting technology I: lighting for general purposes

General illumination generally adopts ring or dot illumination.The ring lamp is a common and universal lighting method, which is easy to install on the lens and can provide sufficient illumination for the diffuse reflective surface.

LED lighting technology two: backlight lighting

Backlighting is the placement of a light source on the back of an object relative to the camera.This lighting is very different from other lighting because what the image is analyzing is not the water light but the incident light.The backlighting produces a strong contrast.Surface features may be lost when backlighting is used.For example, the backlight technique can be used to measure the diameter of a coin, but it is not possible to tell which side is which.

LED lighting technology three: coaxial lighting

Coaxial lighting is light that hits the surface of an object in the same direction as the axis of the camera.Coaxial lighting USES a special semi-reflective mirror to reflect light to the axis of the camera's lens.A semi-reflective mirror only allows light from the surface of the object to be reflected perpendicular to the lens.Coaxial lighting is useful for uniform illumination of flat surfaces with mirror features.In addition, the technology can be used to highlight parts of the surface that are not perpendicular to the camera lens, because the reflected light from a surface that is not perpendicular to the camera lens will not enter the lens, resulting in a darker surface.

LED lighting technology 4: dark area lighting

Dark area lighting provides low Angle illumination relative to the surface of the object.Use the camera to shoot the mirror in its field of vision. If you can see the light source in your field of vision, you will be considered to light the bright area. On the contrary, if you cannot see the light source in your field of vision, you will be considered to light the dark area.So whether the light source is bright or dark depends on the location of the light source.Typically, dark area lighting is used to illuminate areas that have bumps on the surface or to change the texture of the surface.

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LED lighting technology 5: structural light

Structural light is light (e.g., line, circle, square) that is projected onto the surface of an object with a definite geometric shape.Typical structural light involves lasers or optical fibers.Structured light can be used to measure the distance from the camera to the light source.Multi-axis lighting: in many applications, multiple lighting techniques are required to give different contrast to different features in the field of view.

The above LED lighting technology is also the application of LED lighting technology. In the actual business, there are many other LED lighting technology applications waiting for us to explore together.Our company provides high quality 30w mini LED driver. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.