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The Importance of Led Drivers

Apr. 15, 2020


With the rapid development of LED light source technology in the past decade, the white LED laboratory's light efficiency has reached 2001m / W, and commercial chips have also reached 1601m / W. The characteristics of LED's high light efficiency, high reliability, long life and no pollution , Making LED the fourth-generation new solid-state light source that everyone has come to expect. Since LEDs are low-voltage DC devices that require DC power or pulses to drive, the reliability and life of constant current led driver led driver directly affect the life of LED lighting fixtures.

With the increasing level of people's daily life, the automation and intelligence of LED lights have attracted much attention. Due to the inherent characteristics of LED lamp driving power, the intelligent control technology and dimming technology of LED lamps are not yet perfect. Can we improve the intelligent level of LED lamps? How to design the corresponding control circuit and dimming method according to different LED driving power? , Is the key to affect LED lamps into the smart home industry.

Characteristics of high-power LEDs: LEDs are semiconductor light-emitting diodes, and their volt-ampere characteristics are similar to diodes. Therefore, there is a non-linear relationship between the current flowing through the LED and the voltage applied across it. The operating voltage of the LED is about 3.4V. When the voltage is between 3.4V and 4V, the current through the LED increases with the voltage Rapid rise, small voltage changes will cause large current changes. On the other hand, the PN junction of the LED has a negative temperature coefficient, and the operating current will become larger and larger as the temperature rises, easily causing damage to the LED, so current limiting measures must be taken. Due to the above characteristics of LEDs, only dedicated LED drive power can work efficiently and stably.

5 In 1 Dimmable Led Driver

5 In 1 Dimmable Led Driver

working principle:

5 in 1 dimmable LED driver is composed of five modules, including: LED driver module, LED lamp beads, 5V power module, single-chip module and infrared remote control. Its working principle is as follows: input 175 ~ 265V AC power to the LED driver module and 5V power module, of which the LED driver module is a switching power supply controlled by BP2808 chip constant current output, which can rectify and filter the input AC power and power factor correction, and Stably output the set current value to drive the LED lamp to emit light. The 5V power module can output 5V DC power for the single-chip module to work. The single-chip microcomputer module can receive the 38KHz signal of the infrared remote controller, and change the PWM dimming signal that controls the LED driver module according to the different infrared signals, so as to achieve the purpose of infrared remote control dimming.


The driving power supply can realize the function of driving 168 high-power LED lights and dimming. Its main advantages are: (1) The system can work normally in a wide input voltage range, the output voltage and current are stable, and the system efficiency can be achieved at rated power More than 80%; (2) Through the infrared remote control, the output current can be remotely adjusted to control the brightness of the LED lamp to meet the requirements of different occasions; (3) When the power supply is in various abnormal states such as open circuit, short circuit, over temperature, etc., The power management chip can make the system enter the protection state, and the circuit automatically returns to the normal state from the protection state after the system fault is removed.