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24v 50w ultra thin slim led driver constant voltage

ac dc adaptor 24v 50w ultra thin slim led driver constant voltage for mirror light
Product Description

What is a Constant Voltage LED Driver?

Constant voltage drivers are made for a single straight present (DC) output voltage. Most usual constant voltage drivers (or Power Supplies) are 12VDC or 24VDC. An LED light that is ranked for constant voltage typically specifies the quantity of input voltage it requires to run appropriately.

LED Light Driver Specifications

Model NumberOTMSS50-24Model NumberOTMSS50-24Model NumberOTMSS50-24Model NumberOTMSS50-24
Input Voltage100-240V ACInput Voltage100-240V ACInput Voltage100-240V ACInput Voltage100-240V AC
Output Power50WOutput Power50WOutput Power50WOutput Power50W
Output Voltage24V dcOutput Voltage24V dcOutput Voltage24V dcOutput Voltage24V dc
Output Current2.08AOutput Current2.08AOutput Current2.08AOutput Current2.08A

Different Regarding Constant Current LED Drivers as well as Constant Voltage LED Drivers:

Continuous present and also Consistent voltage drivers are both feasible choices for a power supply for LED lights, what varies is the method which they supply the power. LED vehicle drivers are the driving pressure that supplies as well as manages the necessary power to see to it the LEDs operate in a secure and also regular way. Comprehending the distinction in between the

Constant Current LED Drivers and Constant Voltage LED Drivers:

Help in correctly powering LEDs

Stay clear of significant problems to your LED investment

Feature of OTTIMA ultra thin LED driver

1. 12vdc, 24vdc available

2. Power 0-150w IP20 available

3. Real CE Rohs approved

4. PF>0.95

5. Non flickering CV led driver

6. LED driver height less than 16.5mm,22mm

7. 3 years warranty

8. Professional datasheet and drawing available.

9. Laser print customer’s logo free on the led driver

10. Ultra thin led driver free sample can be support


At present, our 60W LED driver can be with height 16.5mm.

Few other supplier in this line can do it!

OTTIMA led driver company picture

FAQ about OTTIMA LED Light Driver

1. What the difference of constant voltage led driver and constant current led driver?

Constant current means the output current is a relatively fixed value.

Such as 350mA, 500mA, 700mA LED light driver

Constant voltage means the output voltage is a fixed value, such as 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 36Vdc, 48Vdc

2. How to choose led driver?

You can tell me what led light you will use for, what output voltage and what output current need, then we will recommend you suitable led driver. Or you can ask your LED light supplier to send us a led light sample, then we will test the spec and match the suitable led driver.

3. What led driver you can supply?

We can supply constant current led driver, constant voltage led driver, dimmable led driver and non dimmable led driver, indoor led driver, outdoor led driver, open frame led driver, IP20 LED driver, IP67 led driver, round led driver, ultra thin led driver. LED tube driver.

4. What dimmable led driver you can supply?

We can supply triac dimmable led driver, 0/1-10v dimmable driver, PWM dimmable driver, DALI driver, push dimmable driver, DALI+push led driver, 5 in one dimmable led driver.

5. Can you add the plug for the led driver for me?

Yes, we can add plug you need to our led driver. Such as AU plug, UK plug, Euro plug, America Plug.

You can ask your plug supplier delivery the plug to us.

We can also purchase plug and add it to our led driver.